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Central Vacuums

Vacuum Authority provides some of the best ways to clean up life’s messes, especially with the help of a central vacuum cleaner! Central Vacuums (sometimes called Built In Vacuums) offer many benefits that make them the very best option for the home owner such as:
  1. The highest filtration efficiency. As the dirt is transported to the main unit (located typically in a garage) you simply do not have the dirt and dust anywhere near you and your family.
  2. Durability. The average life span of a good central vacuum is 20 years.
  3. Great investment. This system ads value to the home. This means that a homeowner not only gets the benefit of using the system but also benefits from the added value it brings to the home.
  4. Versatility. Many upright vacuums do not easily go under furniture but the low profile heads used by central vacuums make cleaning in all areas easier.
  5. Weight. Given you set the hose on the floor then the only weight you incur is that of the powerteam (the main cleaning component).   A central vacuum simply feels lightweight and very maneuverable. You’ll move easily around furniture, on stairs, and across any type of floor surface with a central vacuum cleaner from Vacuum Authority.

Because of their excellent ability to effectively remove dirt, dust and pet dander, many allergists recommend purchasing a central vacuum cleaner to improve your home’s air quality.  A central vacuum cleaner system is different from other portable vacuums which tend to re-circulate dust back into the air after every use. Complete with a self-cleaning feature and the very best HEPA filters, when you purchase a central vacuum cleaner, you’ll enjoy an extended product life and a cleaner home.  

Depending on the type of central vacuum cleaner that you are interested in, we offer many different nozzles and attachments available for purchase. These tools work to customize your cleaning experience, offering just the right type of power and suction for your unique cleaning needs. 

Click on the links below to shop for central vacuum cleaner products online. And if you are interested in learning more about buying a central vacuum cleaner for your home, or have any questions about our products, visit a Vacuum Authority store today or give us a toll-free call at: 1-855-822-2884.  With so many online options and prices it is best to get the advice and long-term support that you deserve.   Our helpful associates are ready to answer your questions and to assist you in finding a vacuum cleaner that you’ll love.  

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